Carnahan Electric: family-owned and operated in Diamond Springs, CA.

For the past 32 years, Carnahan Electric has tackled the ordinary, the extraordinary and the contrary electrical needs of the El Dorado County community and surrounding areas. Be it a Hot Tub circuit, a Granny Flat sub-panel, a work shop, outbuilding or barn, or a new residence, you can count on Carnahan Electric to provide first class service with licensed and certified electricians. (No Job Too Small)

Carnahan Electric has also grown as a business, just as the needs of El Dorado County have grown as a community and a beautiful place to live. Keeping up with the current energy-saving electrical innovations; Carnahan Electric offers Residential Solar Electric 'Grid-Connect' electrical systems, a full line of Whole-House Generators,, energy-saving L.E.D. lighting upgrades, and 'Smart Home' electrical technologies. We also perform Insurance related damage repairs due to fire, wind, and rain.

In addition to our full complement of residential electrical services, Carnahan Electric offers an equally innovative approach to our established Commercial clientele. Be it a Commercial Emergency Back-Up Generator, Expanded Kilowatt Solar Electric system, Motion and Security Sensors, Tenant Improvement, Retro-Fit and new whole building wiring services, Carnahan Electric just may have the most cost effective electrical solution for you.

John Carnahan started out as an electrical trouble shooter providing electrical service to residential and commercial clients. John then gravitated to working on the initial construction of the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant. (No Mountain Too Tall) Currently, Carnahan Electric consists of various certified and licensed construction professionals offering accurate electrical solution(s) information, professional certified electricians, licensed Solar Energy System Designs and Installations, and access to a full line of ancillary related services

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Carnahan Electric installs Back-Up Generators...

Check these tips on generator maintenance...

You want to be prepared for an unexpected storm that could bring high winds and heavy rain. In the lower elevations of the county, branches blow into power lines, possibly disrupting your PG&E service. It happens every year and it can be a short-term inconvenience, or more serious. Can you manage to be without power when you depend on a pellet stove (which still requires electricity), or maybe a well pump? Think of the reasons you would NOT want to wait out a long power outage! Your ability to heat your home, cook your meals, to watch TV. Do you have any medical equipment that would fail? Call 530-642-2476, or visit our generator page to learn how back-up generators do the job safely and without hassles.

Carnahan Electric installs Solar Arrays

If the long hot summer shot your PG&E bills for running A/C through the roof, ask us about converting to solar energy to get control over your air conditioning power costs. You can avoid the ever-increasing charges you pay PG&E with their escalating tiers (ironic) and time-of-use rates. We have been installing solar panels since 2000, and we can show you how to dramatically reduce your power bills by switching to a solar, grid-connected system to handle all your power needs above Tier 1! Visit our solar page to learn how this works. Carnahan Electric Installs a variety of solar arrays: Roof Mount, Ground Mount, Pole Mount, and Tracker Systems.

Carnahan Electric handles All Electrical Contracting...

Are you a home owner with a big project in mind? Are you a general contractor needing a sub who can take on the electrical work for a major job? We have provided quality services for years, from cooling systems for local wineries, solar installations for industrial use, and general wiring solutions for bridges, parking facilities, and many local government construction projects. We are able to be your consultants as well as your work crew. For some examples of work history, visit our contractors page to see photos and references.

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